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Had a great birthday yesterday.. Finally got around to processing images from our kayaking trip to GA, which included Cumberland Island. That day I took only my Nikon Coolpix 100 AW which is a waterproof UW point and shoot.. I was able to take some images to put together as a pan and they turned out pretty nicely.

So I stitched the images together in Adobe Photoshop CC (not an option in Lightroom yet) and then played with the images some in Lightroom. I tried to do a BW conversion with NIK, but it kept saying unsupported format ( it was a PSD file, so go figure. I will have to do some research to see what is going on).

Here is the original image.




Then I did a BW conversion in Lightroom, which looked ok to me.. Here is the Lightroom BW version.




But I really liked the green in the image, so I thought about how to do a BW and then bring some of the green color back in, selectively. Easy to do in Photoshop (for me, at least, with lots of previous experience). To attempt the same look, I took the brush in Lightroom and setting the Saturation to -100, which gives the appearance of BW. It took a bit of work, especially since I haven’t hooked up my Wacom Tablet to my new Mac Pro. This worked ok, but I still wasn’t pleased. Here is that image.



So I took the original image into Photoshop, applied a new BW adjustment layer to the image. A Mask is automatically applied and then I took the paintbrush, changed the color to Black and started painting over the areas of the tree that I wants reveled from the color layer at the bottom. This gave me more of the look that I wanted. I love Lightroom, but there are still some things I go to Photoshop to do.. Sooner or later, Lightroom will have most, if not everything, photographers want to do.



A single image can be many renditions of art. You can do your creative part in camera or live, using filters or lighting, or you can use image processors and do post processing, or you can do both. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your image is not art because you processed it with your vision and heart. Same for nature photography. It is YOUR representation of nature that you are producing, so have fun with it and do whatever pleases you. Go out and have fun with your photography. Life can be short, so pack everything you can into every moment

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