Cumberland Odyssey: A Journey in Pictures and Words Along Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail and Plateau

It is ill-advised ever to underestimate the power of immersion in nature to transform the foot traveler, to reorient his desires and priorities, to map new neural pathways in his brain, to incline him to morph into someone new- someone generally more amiable, trusting, and forever open to new experience.
The Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park and surrounding Cumberland Plateau offer ample opportunity for immersion- for transformation- for the day hiker out for an afternoon as well as for the load-bearing tramper bent on an extended stay in the woods.
Through pictures and words, Cumberland Odyssey transports the reader to “the world’s largest hardwood-forested plateau,” a region of enduring wildness and beauty, and explores the Plateau’s cultural history, unique flora, and geology.
This hard bound book is 144 pages of pictures and prose. Usually $39.95 but Holiday special is $30.00 + shipping. Great Holiday Gift for any nature lover on your list.