Why to consider a workshop?

Are you looking for someone to jumpstart your photographic creativity?

Is digital overload stifling your ability to photograph?

Are you spending too much time organizing your images and still don’t like the results from your digital darkroom?

“I learned more about photography and Photoshop in two classes with Bill
Campbell than any other training I’ve ever taken. Bill is superb teacher
and a great guy. I plan to be back for more.” -Jere Judd

Bill Photo
December 1, 2011

Dear Fellow Photographer,
As a professional nature photographer for the past 15 years (and an amateur for 15 years before that), I have watched many of my friends and students struggle with how to make great images. Some people think that getting bigger and better camera is the answer. Cameras are only tools to use to express your creativity. Knowing how to use that tool is where your creativity can be expressed.

We all want to:

  • Make great images
  • Explore our creativity
  • Learn new techniques
  • Manage images quickly (less time here means more time taking pictures)
  • Share images in print, on screen and by email so they look great
  • See how the pros create their images

With great digital SLRs under $1000, many photographers are switching their compact point and shoot for a more sophisticated camera. But understanding how to get the most out of each camera can be daunting. The settings and menus and terms can seem to be as confusing as picking up a text on Quantum Mechanics. But it doesn’t have to be confusing or intimidating.

Say hello to Creativity and Great Images and Good Bye to frustration and confusion on how to get great images with your dSLR.Using proven techniques I have honed as a professional nature photographer, I will show you how to get the most out of your dSLR, how to use techniques to unleash your creativity and how to use the digital darkroom to get the most out of the images you have created.

If you are satisfied with your pictures and think your images are safe and will always be there for you to use, don’t look any further. Pick up your camera and have fun!

If you would like to create better images, spend less time organizing and know your images are safe, then sign up for one of our workshops. DON’T wait until you experience a loss of all your images through a hard drive meltdown, sign up today!