Work a great location from multiple vantage spots!

Today I wandered into the Smokies to see what was happening with Spring. Rebecca and I were at the Cherohala over the weekend and spring seems pretty far behind with flowers just starting to come out and trees just barely thinking about budding out.. I decided to head into Tremont area as this is usually my go to spot, especially since fewer people go in here to shoot. Saw a few white Trilliums blooming at Chestnut Top Trail, but that seemed to be about it. Driving into Tremont, didn’t seem to be many flowers out and blooming and trees still seemed bare (they aren’t, but just starting to bud out some).

I came to a small bridge with a waterfall on the right and decided to stop. Usually this is not a great waterfall unless there has been lots of rain and today it was really flowing. I used a 17-35mm Nikon lens with a polarizer on my Nikon D800..

What I want to demonstrate is for you to remember really work a subject when it is really good. I only had about 45 minutes before the sun starting hitting the top of the waterfall, so I worked pretty quickly.

First, I scouted (with just my camera) and came up with a shot from shoulder height..  BMC_20130409_D802673

Then I crouched down and reset my tripod to close to the water for shot 2 (pants got wet and feet would have if I didn’t have waterproof hiking boots).BMC_20130409_D802676The third shot is similar to shot 2 except I cropped down to eliminate some of the hotspots from sun hitting the mountainside above. BMC_20130409_D802680

I crossed the stream and set up a horizontal for my fourth shot. I really wanted to include the moss covered boulder in the lower left corner. BMC_20130409_D802688

Image 5 is tight crop of just the water across the rocks.BMC_20130409_D802691Then I backed up some and took a vertical with a little bit wider perspective.. BMC_20130409_D802698

I moved a little further downstream to face the waterfall and place another rock in the foreground. BMC_20130409_D802700

The last image is a combination of 4 images into an HDR to maintain detail and exposure in the sunlit area above the falls.BMC_20130409_D802703_HDRDuring all this I was shooting some video to capture little waterfall vignettes..

So, when you find a great subject and great conditions, remember to explore numerous vantage points before you call it quits..

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