Wilderness Medicine and Photography FAWM


The is no set pathway to becoming a nature photographer ( well, other than taking pictures and loving to be in nature). So many of us have come from a biological or environmental  sciences background. Some have come from business. Some have actually gotten degrees in photography. We all gravitate toward what we like best when we shoot. Some of my friends are really into wildlife or birds. Some of my friends do underwater and travel photography. Some of my friends do landscape photography. Some of my friends do just macro photography. A few have made names for themselves doing fine art and creative nature photography. There are those who lead trips or teach workshops. Others who photograph for magazines. A couple have their own galleries around the country. I guess that since I liked a challenge of something new when I was in medicine ( the ER is never dull or routine or the same ole thing) I have always enjoyed a little bit of all of it. I haven’t done much in the way of underwater( mostly with my GoPro) because most of the lakes around here have a visibility of just a couple of feet.


One thing that I like to do that is different than most is to combine my medicine background with the wilderness. To that end I have been a member of the Wilderness Medical Society for years and just recently received my credentials of Fellow Academy Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). This hopefully will get me closer to combining an expertise in wilderness photography with my expertise in wilderness medicine.




Anybody out there need an expedition doc who is also a professional photographer?

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