When to shoot Fall Color?

I have been getting asked since mid summer about the best time to shoot fall color in the southern Appalachian mountains. The answer is yes. Anytime is good, depending on what you want to do. Last fall I started shooting fall color around east TN (Great Smoky Mountains NP, Cherokee and Nantahala NF, and Cumberland Plateau) within the first week of October and kept shooting until the first week of November.  So this will be a recap of last October(2011) in images:

Oct 6

Oct 8

Oct 10

Oct 12

Oct 14

Oct 15

Oct 18

Oct 20

Oct 21

Oct 23

Oct 24

Oct 27

Oct 28


So you can see that all month long was a shooting fest for fall color. This year looks like it will be as good as last year. I will begin my scouting reports on Oct 1 (or sooner if I hear that color is changing).

2 Responses to “When to shoot Fall Color?”

  1. Barbara O'Connor says:

    Love all your picturtes and instructions-wish I was there-hope to see you next March.Since I can’t go too far-still on cane-I am goinging to my sisters in Michigan-may not get too much color but– I will use the tripod as my cane-I have taken few pictures this last year-too much time at the hospital-both outservice and in–
    Have a great fall

  2. Mary Pelikan says:

    what a great way to insprie a novice photographer. i hope to be able to join you on a shoot. Mary

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