Trip to Comet Falls


Rebecca and I decided that our legs were recovered enough from our trip to Paradise Glacier to hike up to Comet Falls. It looked like there were several falls on the way and the trail would follow the stream. Great decision.

We hiked up and up, following the stream and shooting the various falls and flowers on the way. We got to what we thought was Comet Falls (ok, the sign said Falls 200 feet). We walked across the log bridge and enjoyed the set of cascades and falls. But I was thinking,” boy that doesn’t look like a Comet to me”.


We shot here for a while, then decided to wander up the trail. Boy am I glad we did. Right around the next corner, hidden from where we had been shooting, was Comet Falls.

First view, maybe 300-400 feet past the bridge and up the trail and across a little hill.


I worked closer and closer, shooting as I went.


And was rewarded with a rainbow at the base of Comet Falls toward the end. Technical tip, use a Polarizing filter to enhance the appearance and colors of a rainbow.. Awesome.. See intro pic above..

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