Time-lapse setup


Ok. Set up for Time-lapse

  1. On a tripod.
  2. Full Battery
  3. Check storage (enough space for required images 300 or so)
  4. Manual ISO (set as low as possible)
  5. Disable Autofocus and IS
  6. Disable Dynamic contrast adjustments (D Lighting on Nikon)
  7.  Manual exposure (or Aperture if light changing a lot)
  8. Aperture Wide open if possible
  9. Shutter Speed : about ½ of the interval (if your interval is 4 seconds, shoot a 2 second exposure.. How, ND filters..
  10. Set focus to manual.
  11. Set WB off automatic (I set to 5000 K)
  12. I use RAW.
  13. Rules of Thumb for Intervals-
    a. 1 second – extremely fast moving clouds
    b. 5 seconds – fast moving clouds; moving people, ship, cars
    c. 10 seconds – slow moving objects; high clouds, sunset.
    d. 30 seconds – little movement and little light change- Stars, shadows.


* I shoot a marker (my hand, just like HDR) before and after to mark beginning and end of sequence.


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  1. AMR says:

    … and remember that when the frames from the still camera get cropped for the TL video (from 2×3 to 16×9), you may lose some of the lower / upper part of the image; so give yourself a little bit more foreground to compensate.

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