Tennessee Wilderness Bill S. 1294


This commentary goes hand in hand with the release of my book, Areas Overlooked East Tennessee Wilderness: A Taste, on the Apple iBook store. In my book, we started exploring wilderness areas in the Cherokee NF, the TN Cumberland Trail and the TN Cumberland Plateau. A little over a month ago, U.S. Senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, introduced Tennessee Wilderness Bill S. 1294.

This bill will protect, as wilderness, almost 20,000 acres of land. And it will not cost the public a penny as this land is already OUR land as part of the Cherokee National Forest. This bill will further protect this precious land and still allow us, nature photographers, to enjoy the area. AND, perhaps, our children and generations to come, in a protected pristine state.

So, for all my readers about there, no matter where you live, encourage your Senators to support this bill.. Then come to East Tennessee to to enjoy the fruits of our labor and our beautiful serene wilderness..

All these images are from the Upper Bald River area, included in the Tennessee Wilderness Bill.. Please help!!!!



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