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Not Nature but lots of fun: Old Car City


For all of you car buffs and macro buffs and HDR buffs, have I got a place for you. I’ve been there several times and will be planning a workshop there in November (if I’m not in Antarctica). Located 60 miles north of Atlanta, on US Highway 411 in White GA is a well kept […]

HDR: It is all about your mood!


HDR (High Dynamic Range) combines the best exposure areas from numerous photos to create one image. Since our eye can see about 20 stops of light from dark to light and the camera can see 5-7 stops of light from dark to light, there is usually a difference between what we see and what the […]

HDR. Is it a special effect?


I have many friends who poo poo the idea of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography? “It’s not real.” “It doesn’t look real.” So, what is real? We all process information differently, even colors mean something different to each one of use when viewed with our eyes (and brain). Our eyes alone don’t process color, it […]

Shooting for HDR


HDR. It is not your typical grunge HDR anymore. HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging can represent anything from artistic grunge to an image that no one will recognize as HDR. The premise of HDR is combining multiple images so the information from the dark areas is not all black and the information from the light […]

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Part 2

Before we go any further, let me clarify that most of the time I shoot from a tripod, BUT there are times I use AutoBracketing and Continuous High Frame rate on my Nikon D3s. Having a Frame rate of 9 frames/sec helps and I am usually using a wide angle lens (16mm Fisheye or 17-35mm). […]

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Step One

With the advent of photography going to digital capture, we can now combine different exposures of the same image to more closely represent the range of tonality (dynamic range) that our eyes can actually see. Even though the tonality range of capture has increased with digital ( ~ 5 stops for slide film to ~6-8 […]