Smokies Scouting Report October 22

BMC_20131022_D4A6535Yesterday (Tuesday) I took a short trip over to the Smokies to check on color. I had been south of the Smokies last Thursday and the color there was still way behind. Some color around 3000-5000 foot elevation, but pretty green under that.

Well, I drove in through Townsend and Little River Road and there is some spotty color with an occasional good looking tree. Then I went to Roaring Fork and it felt about the same with lots of green and some yellow and an occasional red. seemed about 90% green, even at 3000 foot elevation..


I found a little isolated color to shoot with regular camera and iPhone, but planning to hit it hard next week as I think color will peak sometime between this coming weekend and the next weekend. I think we will still have good color around into the first week of November (barring big rains/ snows/ or wind).

Here is some of the isolated color from Roaring Fork.

BMC_20131022_D4A6532 BMC_20131022_D4A6533 BMC_20131022_D4A6535


Here is an iPhone shot along Little River Road..



And since there wasn’t a lot of color, I played a little bit.. This is for Jim Hall because he says looking at these images makes him feel so good!


And if your exploring in the Smokies and staying in Townsend, most places don’t open before 730am for breakfast. If you venture down 321 into Wears Valley a couple of miles, you will come across Elvira’s on the right. She opens at 7 and is now serving supper on Friday and Saturday nights. I first met her when she was hosting/ helping run the BBQ place I like in Townsend. I hope she does well.. Go visit and eat well.


Tomorrow- Smokies drive by shootings – no people or cameras were harmed!

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  1. Great addition to your postings. Thanks.

  2. John Moore says:

    Thanks for the tip about Elvira’s, i have wished many times for an early breakfast place.

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