Ready for Spring and Summer Adventures? Medicine for the Outdoors

20150312 ice climbing

Most outdoor adventurers (photographers, climbers, paddlers, hikers, cyclists) start their preparation for an upcoming season of nice weather adventure by sorting, cleaning, organizing and buying new gear. Some forward thinking individuals also consider physical conditioning in preparation for increased physical demands from their outdoor activities. Also reading through guide books and magazines and making plans for shorter and longer excursions into the wilderness. All necessary endeavors. But have they considered emergency preparation?

For many people, emergency preparation is making sure their cell phone is charged and functioning. Isn’t that the job of EMS, to come “rescue” them if an emergency happens? Unfortunately, this seems to be a prevalent thought of numerous backcountry travelers in this day and age of instantaneous communication and immediate gratification. “Be Prepared” seems to have lost emphasis in the era of the cell phone.

So what should you do to prepare for your ventures into the wild, besides maintaining your regular equipment? I’m glad you asked! This series of presentations will help you gain some insight into what to carry, how to use it and how to respond to specific dangers in the backcountry. Stayed tuned to learn about trip preparation, kits to carry ( first aid and survival), and specific environmental hazards (lightning, flood, cold, heat, insects, plants).

If you want to stay abreast of SAR events globally, go visit Andrew Herrington’s Big Pig Blog. Probably the best collection of weekly SAR and survival events from around the globe. And one of the best instructors in survival techniques.

Next week I will cover planning for weather.. Using weather apps and internet and some sites for learning more about weather.




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