Photography as art: Involve me and I learn


Photography is an art form, just like painting or drawing or sculpture. It uses your imagination and creativity to express yourself with the tools at hand. These tools may be difficult and complex to use or very simple. Art is not the tools but the expression from the artist. When looking at a Van Gogh painting, do we express the quality of the painting in terms of “he used first class canvas”, “his brushes were really expensive”, “he only bought the best paints”. No, we look at the character of expression he created using the tools he had.


Photography should be viewed in the same manner. What feeling is evoked when you view someone’s photograph? Happy, sad, joyful, excited, melancholy, lustful, adventurous? Think of this next time you look at someone’s photograph. Photography magazines get caught up in giving you the technical aspects (camera, lens, aperture setting, shutter speed, ISO, and film back in the film days). These are just the simple tools that the artist uses in his creation. Did you ever go into a museum and see a listing beside a famous painting of the type of canvas, how it was stretched, all the different paints and where they came from, all the brushes used? No, so let’s start celebrating photography as an art form.

Along these lines, I will be looking at the building blocks of art as they apply to photography over the next several months.. But I don’t want you to just read.. I want you to explore and engage. So, with that in mind, I am creating a sharing site for your work..

Coming tomorrow, lesson in Line and how to share.

Why take this info and try it out and share? Well, my favorite quote for learning is by Benjamin Franklin:


Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.


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