Photographers’ Holiday Wish List 2012: Just in time for the Sales!


This is for all photographers. You can print this out, leave it in conspicuous place and circle the items you want. Do we really NEED any of this stuff? No, we NEED world peace and love and harmony, but it looks like the world is running a bit low on those things. Some of these items might help you show the world beautiful places and maybe everyone would understand the reason we need world peace, love and harmony is so everyone can enjoy the beauty of this Earth..

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition– This is GoPro’s newest camera, a step up from the Hero2. With better low light performance and up to 4K video in a really small package, it allows those shooting motion images to get into and go places that regular large size cameras can’t. Mount them on your helmet, chest, bike, kayak, dog; just about anywhere you can think of. It also comes with a wireless remote or you can control it from your iPhone or iPad, wirelessly. The GoPro price is $399 for the Hero3 Black Edition and it comes with a wireless controller. Go to GoPro to Shop!

Wacom Intuos5 Pen Tablet – Unlock the inner artist in you with one of Wacom’s Pen Tablets and Corel Painter 12 or Painter Lite. You can turn a photograph into a painting with this combination. The Intuos5 series has added multi touch control (like your iPad or iPhone) and a wireless connectivity. Gary at Hunt’s Photo & Video has a special running for Black Friday that includes the wireless kit with all 3 sizes of the Intuos5 Tablet. Medium Tablet is $349. Go directly here to order!
Lightning Bug by MK Controls– want to capture lightning during the day? The Lightning Bug triggers your camera to capture lightning even during daylight hours. Works great. Gary has a Black Friday special at Hunt’s Photo and Video selling this for $129 instead of $179. Go here to order!


Genus Fader ND Circular Filter – Interested in shooting video? You will need a Fader ND filter to get to the correct shutter speed and still use the aperture you want. The Genus filters work well and are less expensive than other brands. Priced at $199 at Hunt’s. Go here to order!

Filter Wrench set by Sensei – I never had a problem until recently when I put a polarizer on at 5500 feet elevation and then went to 1000 foot elevation. Stuck. No amount to coaxing would get it off, until I tried the Sensei Filter Wrench. They are inexpensive and take up  almost no room and I won’t leave home without them in my bag. Go here to order!

Eneloop XX AA batteries – These are newer version of the best rechargeable batteries out there. They are 2500 mAh with Low Self Discharge. They can be recharged 500 times without memory effect and will retain 75% of their charge after 1 year of non-use. Best to find them on Amazon and I found a set of 16 with a Smart Fast 16 Bay charger..

Guru Gear Bataflae – this is improved version of their Kiboko backpack which I like, but now you can open the entire backpack instead off just one side or the other. Suspension system works great and feels comfortable. Check them out at Guru Gear. The 32L size bag is going for $449. Go to Guru Gear to order!

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp – After trying to use my little Petzl e+LITE headlamp during a night time SAR exercise, I went looking for a reasonable but high powered headlamp. I found the Icon headlamp from Black Diamond. With up to 200 lumens of light and adjustable and red lamps for photography use at night, it is perfect for me. And the price at $79.95 from REI was very reasonable. Go to REI to order. If you are not an REI member, Join!

LifeProof case for your iPhone 5 – the only case that is both shock proof and water proof. Lifeproof has met military standards (MIL STD 810 F) for shockproof (fall from 6.6 feet) and IP-68 rating for waterproof (6.6 feet submersion for up to 30 minutes). If you plan on taking your iPhone out with you (I use mine a my main scouting camera), then you need some type of protection. This is as good as it gets. Priced at $79.99 at

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to all!




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  1. Barbara O'Connor says:

    Bill-can we pick a time to meet -for my winning!! I will bring my camera-probably not my tripod or computer-both too heavy- I am on a cane a good part of the time—getting older is a b——
    I love your email
    Have a wonderful Christmas

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