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So the past couple of weeks have been a bit busy. Between starting training for SCUBA by completing classwork and pool work, working on Wilderness Medicine training opportunities in east TN, planning trips for the year and shooting, sleep has been a luxury..

To bring people up to date on things in the photography world, here are some happenings and thoughts.

  1. Victory for Drone Photographers– A NTSB Federal judge ruled that the FAA cannot prevent people from using “recreational model aircraft” for commercial purposes. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to figure out a way around this judge’s ruling, even trying to appeal it, but for now, according to some legal experts, the game is on for commercial use. YEAH!
  2. Nikon Released the update D4 as the D4s.. Yawn.. I’m not biting, in fact, I have mine for sale.. Make me a reasonable offer.. While I’m at it, I’m also selling my Nikon 200-400 zoom, my Nikon 70-200 f2.8, my Nikon 28-70 f2.8, and my Nikon 24 f2.8 PC lens.  Why? Discussion below.
  3. Panasonic has announced their update to the GH3. Their GH4 will have need updates but also include 4K video. And this system uses so much smaller lenses. Take a look at my friend Dan Cox’s blog.. I have been using the Panasonic Lumix GX7 for 3-4 months and love it. With the body and 4 lenses from a 16mm (35mm equivalent) to 600mm coverage, it feels like I just have a couple of sandwiches and a water bottle in my pack. Not an elephant. Rob Sheppard has been touting these smaller cameras for a while and Dan Cox and I have been talking about this for well over a year!
  4. Speaking of packs- Gura Gear just release a small pack that is modular and fits what you do in the field well. The Uinta with the small and medium Pro modules (for camera gear) and the tripod and hydration system are fantastic. I will post a more in depth review of this pack later, but I love it. Gura Gear rocks! Click here for Gura Gear Uinta
  5. RRS continues to make the best tripods and ballheads. I recently got the TVC-24L(Click here to go to RRS and TVC-24L) and put my BH-40 LR head on it. Why? To save weight and size when traveling and this tripod is actually taller than my TVC-33, which was my biggest gripe about the 33. RRS came out with the 34L series (taller than my 33) but it weighs a pound more than my 24L. I haven’t tried shooting with the Nikon 200-400 with this set up, but weight wise it should be fine..

Well, that’s enough to keep you busy reading and looking at stuff. Stay tuned for report on the Uinta and, hopefully, my experience with the GH4 once it is released.


5 Responses to “Photo News Happenings and Equipment Update”

  1. Alton Marsh says:

    FAA is probably going to redo their drone regulation to avoid the loophole, according to some reports today.

  2. Bill Campbell says:

    Yeah, I would expect no less, but it they have to be responsive to what is coming and not obstructive. They are just being obstructive now under the guise of American and personal safety.

  3. Rita Gray says:

    So Bill let me understand you, your selling NIKON
    GEAR to invest in Panasonic GH4 right?
    What’s the attraction? How about file size & clarity
    and sharpness in large prints like 30X40?

    • Bill Campbell says:

      Rita, I’m not selling all my Nikon gear.. I’m keeping my D800 and selected lenses. I’ll let you know about print quality soon, but I can’t compare yet as Lightroom can’t process the Panasonic RAW image.. But most of my work is not for large prints but for the printed page ( magazines/ books/ epubs) and the files from my GX7 compete most readily with output from Nikon system for this. Most of the prints I sell are 24×36 and smaller, so that is what I will be printing to judge with.. I’m taking both systems out West to shoot side by side and the do some printing in late July/August to compare.. So far, on screen, I have been extremely happy with side by side results..

      • Rita Gray says:

        Thanks for the reply! I am finding this very interesting since like you am aging and seriously considering a lighter back PAC for travel and nature photography. It is important to me that when I make a decision on a lighter system, a 24X36 inch print could look sharp and crisp with well defined lines and great color! So I will follow your testing results and recommendations with much interest. Can hardly wait to read about your results. I really appreciate your dedication on this project and the time you are putting in. Best, Rita Gray

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