Not Nature but lots of fun: Old Car City

BMC-20130223-_D4A6491_HDRFor all of you car buffs and macro buffs and HDR buffs, have I got a place for you.

I’ve been there several times and will be planning a workshop there in November (if I’m not in Antarctica).

Located 60 miles north of Atlanta, on US Highway 411 in White GA is a well kept secret. Old Car City USA is the World’s Largest Known Old Car Junk Yard. They have cars going back to the 1930’s. There are lots of trails (about 6 miles) and lots and lots of cars. Take a look at Old Car City USA . While you’re there, stop and talk to Dean (his parents started the junk yard) and look at his art work.. His art ranges from styrofoam cups that he “doodles” on (creates some fantastic art) to his current project of pouring paints in frames and rocking back and forth until the “image just comes out”. They are photographer friendly! Enjoy the images from a couple of trips.. All of these are HDR because I love the texture and color that I can bring out when shooting like this..







Have fun and let me know what you see!!!

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