New clamp for Outdoors

I have always had some type of clamp or support device with me when shooting outdoors. Sometimes it is as simple as my hands (or, when I’m fortunate to have Rebecca along and she isn’t absorbed in her own photography, her hands) to sticks and branches to twist ties to string to tie things back or hold flowers or hold reflectors/ diffusers. Then came the Plamp (by Wimberly) and things got easier.But the Plamp had to attach to your tripod leg or a branch of similar size. Any movement of the tripod translated into movement of the Plamp and whatever it was connected too. So it took a fair bit of planning with your camera and tripod and then the Plamp. And sometimes what you wanted it to hold was further away than the reach of the Plamp from the tripod leg.. This is not to say that I don’t like the Plamp.. I have 4 of them and carry them everywhere. But for those times when you need something different, I have found something else. It is similar to the Plamp, but with a ground stake at the end. You can drive it into the ground to hold a flower, or limb or reflector/ diffuser. I have been using one in addition to my Plamp and have been very happy with the performance..

Hunt’s Photo is having a sale on them now.. Click Here to go to Hunt’s Photo site to purchase one of these clamps..

An alternative, if you are a backpacker, is to use a tent stake. I use MSR Mini Ground Hog stakes which are aluminum (light) and triangular (won’t twist in ground). You can attach a Plamp to them once they are set in the ground..




The easy thing is to have some Plamps (by Wimberely) and the FMS Field Macro Support Clamp in your bag..

Good shooting!

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  1. Rita Gray says:

    Thank you Bill. I have another question: I have in the past purchased 2 copies of your book, Photographing in the Smokey Mts (or whatever) and have misplaced both. A few weeks ago I flew from Calif. to do some photography in GSMNP and tried to buy another copy but couldn’t find it anywhere. Did you rewrite it and put it under another title or are you having it reprinted? It was invaluable when I was first learning to get around the Smokies and found it to be a valuable tool. Let me know and thanks a million Bill.

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