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I have just released my third book. But this one is special. It brings me into the digital age. My new book (which is free) is only on the iBookStore and only for iPads.

I created this book with iBooks Author 2, as Rob Sheppard and I have been going back and forth on how to produce eBooks for about 2 years. I know that not everyone has an iPad (others have Kindle, Nooks and I’m not sure where the new Microsoft Surface fits in). Sorry if it is not on your platform, but I had to start somewhere. Rob and I look at this new technology as in the infancy stage and will grow and mature and become easier to use and navigate and play well with others.

The new book, Areas Overlooked East Tennessee Wilderness: A Taste, shows off areas around the Great Smoky Mountains that people don’t know about, but has the same beauty and ecological diversity, without the crowds. This is an enhanced eBook, meaning it has video and interactive maps. A simple PDF would not do justice to the presentation.

So you can download the book FOR FREE at the iBookStore. Just search for Bill M Campbell and you will go straight to the book. I am working on a series of books from this area that will go more into detail about what, when, where and how to photograph here. I am also working on a series of enhanced eBooks for the Smokies, since our Smoky Mountains Photographer’s Guide is out of print and this type of guide lends itself to an enhanced ebook.

Download it. Read it. Give me your comments (both here and the iBookstore). Let me know other areas you would love to have a book like this about.. Thanks..

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  1. Milton Triplett says:

    Sorry to hear your smokies book is out of print. I recommend it to anyone going there to photograph. Also always think of you &Rob Sheppard every time I go to Frozen Head.

  2. Mary austin says:

    I love this and felt moved to share it with my friends. It was a good substitute for a trip.
    Thank you.

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