New Apple Products!

Rob Sheppard photographing along the Tellico River in the Cherokee NF, TN (taking with my iPhone and edited on my MacPro)

Well, besides the new iPhone 5S (which I haven’t gotten yet), Apple just introduced a bunch of new products and their new operating system. To give you some background about my experience with computers, I started out with an Amiga at home and then programmed in Basic and Fortran on a mainframe (for the first 2 years in college with cards). I then converted Basic to MicroBasic for the RadioShack TRS80 (or, as we called them, the Trash 80s). From there I was on a PC system since 1982 with DOS and then Windows until 2007 when I went to a MacBookPro for my traveling/ teaching computer. Since then I have acquired a MacPro, an iMac (that my boys and now Rebecca use), numerous iPods and an iPhone. So I have converted to Mac and have never been happier.

So why a blog post on new Apple products? Well, the big introduction is the new OS (Operating System), OS X Mavericks. There are a lot of new and improved features, but the biggest one I want everyone to now about is the introduction of iBooks to all Macs. Previously, iBooks was just on the iPad (and, I guess iPhone, but I never read books on my phone). So everyone that upgrades can now have access to the iBookStore and download books to read.. Why am I big on this? Well, I already have one book on the iBookstore  Areas Overlooked East Tennessee Wilderness: A Taste , and for other, non iPad users, to be able to download this book is huge for me.

Why the big deal, it’s just a book, right? Well, in a word, no! My book and several of my friends (like Rob Sheppard) have started doing enhanced iBooks with video, sound, galleries of pictures and interactive maps. If you convert this to a PDF, then you loose all the interactivity.

So, if you are on a Mac, look and see if your computer is compatible with the new OSX Mavericks. Looking at the list, if your computer is less than 6 years old, it probably is compatible. And, guess what, it’s FREE. And no jokes from the Windows Peanut gallery about you get what you pay for!

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