New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 : Visualize Spots


Sunrise Mt Evans, CO

When Rob Sheppard first started talking to me about Lightroom (LR version 1), I told him that I was very comfortable with Photoshop and really didn’t want to change over. Besides, Lightroom could only do a limited amount of what Photoshop could do. But by version 2, I was learning Lightroom and teaching people how it could be an integral part of your workflow, managing images to then go to Photoshop and play with. Then by Version 3, I was using Photoshop for less and less as Adobe continued to make Lightroom more powerful. By Version 4, I was encouraging most new photographers to start with Lightroom, as most of what they needed to do was available there ( this is for nature photographers). I had even started teaching my wife how to explore her images with Lightroom 4. Boy was that a mistake. She took to that like a Labrador takes to water. She would open images in Photoshop just to put pans together, but everything else she needed to do was in Lightroom.

Now we have Lightroom 5. And if your on the fence about what software to use or where to start, this is the place.

I will take several days to show you some of the new features that I think really set LR5 above LR4.

Do you clean your sensor all the time and have flawless images with no dust spots? If you do, please call me and tell me your secret so I can share it with everyone.  Everyone I know deals with dust spots from the sensor. Most of us try to blow as much of the sensor as we can, but it is never perfect. And finding dust spots was tedious and sometimes not obvious until you made a print.

Well, with Lightroom 5, the people at Adobe have given us a new tool. When you click on the Spot Removal tool in the Develop Module, underneath the image is a tool called Visualize Spots. You have to check the box in front of it to make it active. Once you activate the tool, then slide the Adjust spot visualization threshold so you can see the dust spots. You can even use the Spot Removal tool while the Visualization is turned on to get rid of the spots. It works great. And you don’t have to do every single image. If you have a similar series, just do one then highlight all similar images and then Sync Settings and click on the Spot Removal box and LR will apply the spot removal to the other images. This is really important if you are doing HDRs because I have found that dust spots build in intensity as you combine images for HDRs. The more images you use, the more intense the dust spots appear..



Same Sunrise with Visualize Spots turned on



Same Visualize Spots after Spot Correction!

This is just the first of several great additions to Lightroom. I will be talking about more over the next several days.

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