NANPA Summit 2013 Jacksonville

Big Talbot Island, FL HDR


NANPA Summit 2013 Jacksonville, FL It has been 2 years since we last all convened together for sharing. It was like a family reunion with everyone catching up with each other on what they were doing, where they were going, how life was treating them. Even with the advent of social media and keeping up with each other on the ‘Net, it is not the same as a personal sit down and have a drink and converse about life and nature and nature photography.

I was fortunate to try to get together with one of my best friends, Rob Sheppard, and shoot out at Big Talbot Island before Board Meetings and Summit responsibilities sucked up both of our times. The image above is the trail we hiked along, trying to wait out the rain. We were able to make a few images in between bands of rain, but were finally forced to retreat to the car and back to the hotel.

The Summit was fantastic and I have had many people email me to say that it was the best Summit ever. One of my friends even said it was the best Summit in the 15 years she has been a member. That is saying a lot, especially to the organizational skills of Jamie Konarski Davidson, the Summit Chair and her team of tireless workers. We had a great response to the request for volunteers and Jerry and Marcy Monkman even brought their kids as volunteers and they were GREAT! It was a wonderful event and I won’t rehash all the proceedings but will direct you to the 2 online articles about the Summit: First, was by Dan Cox, one of our Speakers, winner of our Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year Award for 2012. Dan is a great guy and it was my pleasure to get to know him just a little better at the Summit. We were both too busy to visit the way I would have liked too, but that’s life. Here is a link to Dan’s Blog : Dan Cox CorkBoard Blog The second posting is on and written by Kari Post. Anyone who has meet Kari knows she is full of energy as well as being a great photographer. Here is a link to Kari’s post: NatureScapes

I will leave you with a non nature image that drew so many of us outside each night, just out the front door of the hotel (and, for some people, out their hotel window, just not me).

Jacksonville Riverfront at Night

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  1. Michael Abbene says:


    It was great to catch up to you after all these years. It was, indeed, a wonderful conference. I am still trying to digest everything. I spent a couple of hours at the Jacksonville Zoo on Sunday and just wished it had been warmer.

    Looking forward to attending more Summits.

    Michael Abbene

    • Bill Campbell says:

      It was great to see you too.. The conference was great, one of the best I can remember. Hope to see you again at the next one..


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