Mt Rainier and Water


Flying into Seattle and staying on Whidbey Island for the first part of our trip, the lack of precipitation was evident. Fields and grass were brown. Locals told us they hadn’t had rain in over a month. Then we headed to Mt Rainier NP. Wow.

It seems that there wasn’t evidence of a lack of moisture at Mt Rainier. The forests were green, the flowers were beautiful and the streams were flowing. Most people go to Mt Rainier to see the big mountain (actually a volcano) and might miss the old growth forest and the wonderful streams and waterfalls.

Rebecca and I spent one morning that was overcast shooting a multitude of waterfalls. It was great and the weather cooperated.. Couldn’t see the Mountain that morning because of the weather, so it was a natural..

Here are a few images of waterfalls you can see in Mt Rainier NP, WA.

Oh, for those of you that want some technical detail, these were shot with my Nikon D800 and usually the 17-35mm lens and either a polarizer or a SinghRay VariND filter to slow the exposure to create that “silky” effect..



And remember to shoot verticals when you have a great horizontal..



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