Mississippi River on the low side

Rob and I continued our adventures by making our way to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers at a park run by the Missouri Department of Conservation. While exhibits showed the heighth of some of the most recent floods of the Mississippi River, we were more interested in the low side of the story. With the Mississippi River experiencing low enough waterflow to inhibit or completely stop commercial river traffic, we felt like this was a great example of the effects of the drought our country has been suffering this summer.

After driving out to the Point of Confluence of the two rivers, we opted to hike down to the sand bars along the Mississippi and ramble along edges of The River in search of photo opportunities. Since I grew up in Mississippi and much of my youth was spent along the river, the large sandbars were not a surprise to me. When Rebecca and I flew over the River earlier in the summer, she was surprised when I told her that all that light stuff along and in the river was sand. We might not have had beaches like at the ocean, but we had our own beaches of Mississippi River sandbars.

Rob and I talked about our ideas of our own “Huck Finn” adventure down the Mississippi River. It’s on our bucket list.

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