Less is More

After a 14-year presence in multiple sites on the Web, I decided to consolidate my presence (and my life). I had a website to premiere my images, a website to present my workshops, a website to sell my books, a presence for my video, a website to sell prints, and a blog to talk about whatever came to mind (within reason). That was a lot of work and was not coordinated well and didn’t have a unified look or feel. After watching a friend of mine (Jerry Monkman: monkmanphoto.com) proceed with his conversion, I decided to round up all my presences into one place: Images, video, workshops, books, and blog. So far it is going well and much easier for people to go to my blog and then jump over and search for images or sign up for a workshop. I will continue to use my blog as a way to inform and teach (and rant at times). So if this is your first time to this website, poke around and see what all it offers. More images will appear as I add more images to my Photoshelter site and searching for a specific type of image is now easy. Explore the galleries now present and come back often as I add more images from past and present to the library. Check out my blog for places to go, things to see, equipment to use, techniques to explore and thoughts to muse. If you are looking for workshops, check out the workshop tab and follow the website as I offer new places and familiar spots for 2013. By Christmas, there should be several eBooks announced and ready to purchase to help with shooting for the New Year. Good Shooting and come back often.

Oh, if you’re wondering about the image, it is High Shoals Falls in South Mountains SP in Burke County, NC. This is a 5 image HDR. I will post later this week about shooting and then processing HDR images.

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