Ireland: Sheep and Rock Walls


No. Ireland is not all sheep and rock walls. But in our first day in Ireland, Rebecca and I saw so many sheep and so many rock walls ( the most common accident to cars in Ireland is get too close to a rock wall and taking off the passenger mirror. If you don’t believe me, look at the passenger side of a car next time you’re in Ireland). This became our mantra for the rest of the trip.. Sheep…. Rock walls….



But Ireland is so much more..Castles, old town, abbeys, churches, sea cliffs, megalithic tombs. I was overwhelmed at the history of the land. The megalithic tombs go back 5000 years. And then the castles and abbeys that have been around for a thousand years. We can see early human civilization evidence in this country, but only in rock art and a few cliff dwellings or in excavated ruins. Not a church that has been there for 500-1000 years..



Cong, Derry, Sligo, Dunegal, Ballycastle, Bunratty. Interesting names. And the further north you went, the more Gaelic was on the signs and the more Gaelic we heard spoken. Gorgeous coastline. Flowers.. Sheep.. Horses.. Fields of peat being harvested. Sitting and listening to Irish music in a real life Irish pub, drinking Guinness and Jameson’s.



The life in Ireland is much more relaxed atmosphere, pace seems slower and the people very friendly. We had no reservations for lodging except the very first day we arrived in Shannon. It was so easy to travel and float with the whims of time and what we wanted to see and decide in the afternoon where to stay.. You just find the Tourist Board building in any little town and they will help you book a room at a B&B. What a great system. And bring your appetite for breakfast because the full Irish breakfast is huge. Most of the time we asked for the small Irish breakfast, still a lot to eat.BMC-20130523-_D4A7517_HDR


Will we go back? YES.. We are headed back again this May/ June and then I am leading a trip with Ron Rosenstock in September. So if you are interested, let me know.. Oh, I have added more images to the International section of Images. Ireland.. Go check it out.


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