HDR: It is all about your mood!

HDR (High Dynamic Range) combines the best exposure areas from numerous photos to create one image. Since our eye can see about 20 stops of light from dark to light and the camera can see 5-7 stops of light from dark to light, there is usually a difference between what we see and what the camera records. Newbies to photography sometimes struggle with this, not understanding why their images don’t look like what they see. Introduce HDR. Take numerous images of the same scene at different exposures and then combine the best from each image to better represent what your eye can see. Then comes the interpretation. I have friends that do not like images that look gaudy on unrealistic when generated by HDR software. (BTW, these images are from Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley NP, CA)

I am sometimes in the camp of “keep it natural” but sometimes I want to express the artistic representation that I feel when I look at the image. Using NIK HDR EFEX Pro2, I have choices in how I want the image to feel.

So I want to show you 5 images that the final HDRs came from and then 3 different representations from those same 5 images..

First, the images..







First HDR is the representation Deep 2. BMC_20130325_D4A1100_HDR

Second HDR is representation Structrized 1. BMC_20130325_D4A1100_HDR_1

Last HDR is representation Soft Color. BMC_20130325_D4A1100_HDR_2


You can see that all three are different even though they came from the same 5 images.. It really is about the way you feel about the image when you create it!

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