Happy Friday

I think that everyone should carry a camera with them wherever they go. Oh, wait, almost everyone does now. Camera Phones. If you have a cell phone that was made in this century, chances are that you have a built in camera. These cameras vary in resolution (megapixels), quality of lens, low light capability, speed of capture. But the old saying, “what is the best camera to have with you?- any camera that you happen to have with you”. So learn to use the camera on you phone. I’m very happy with my iPhone. Will it stand up to the images from my Nikon D4 and D800? Of course not. Will it let me be creative when the other cameras are in the bag or in the car? Of course. So learn to use the camera on your phone. Someday you might have great subject and great light and the only camera you have is in your pocket waiting for the next call. This image was shot while I was playing on the side of the road (not in traffic for all you moms reading this) while Rebecca was chasing mountain goats around Mt Evans. I just had to make a happy face. Happy Friday to all.

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