Great Smoky Mountains Scouting Report



So this report is based on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Smokies. We spent most of our time around Greenbriar, but more area will come this week.

The trees overall are further behind in blooming than I have seen them in a long time. The dogwoods are blooming up to about 1800 feet elevation and redbuds look great. The streams were flowing well with the amount of rain we have had recently and should continue to look good as we are predicated to get more rain over Monday and Tuesday this week (April 14-15).


Hiking up Porter Creek trail was phenomenal. Trilliums, Purple Phacelia, White fringed Phacelia, Spring Beauty, Squirrel Corn, Dutchmens Breeches, Trout Lily were just some of the wildflowers we saw.



We hiked up to Fern Branch Falls, and the flowers were spectacular all the way. We drove out to Ramsey Cascade Trailhead, but didn’t hike very far as one of the bridges on the trail ( at 1.5 miles on the trail) is out and the trail is closed past that.



Driving back along Little River Road on Sunday, the dogwoods and Redbuds were nice at Sugarlands VC, but then we’re not very visible until you got about half way towards the Y at Townsend.. River was running nicely, and Rebecca thought she saw otters in river at one point, but when we went back, we couldn’t find them.



More scouting reports this week from different areas. Then I will do a report on Snapseed for iPhone, as all these images were shot with iPhone 5 and processed with Snapseed.


Happy shooting.

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