Germany Made Tripod Collar for Panasonic 100-300 lens


I love my new Panasonic GH4 camera. The lenses focus quickly and are small and light, even though they cover a range from 14 -600. My biggest complaints are that the 100-300 (200-600 in 35mm terms) doesn’t have a tripod collar. So not a big deal if you are shooting higher speeds, since it is light enough to hand hold easily. But I really don’t like that much lens hanging off the front of the camera, especially when I’m doing longer exposure stuff ( or it’s windy!). So Dan Cox told me about a tripod collar made by a company in Germany. I was able to find the company and email them to order the tripod Collar and received, from Germany, it a little over a week from order. That’s pretty great service.

The company is Roesch Feinmechanik in Germany and it was a pleasure to deal with them. I emailed them at, and told them in English that I would like to purchase the Panasonic 100-300 tripod collar. Andrea responded back quickly and inquired about which camera and whether I was using a grip. Supposedly the grip has caused problems in the past. I also said I was going to be using the lens with my Really Right Stuff Ball head and did they have a compatible foot. All was arranged and I paid via Pay Pal and received my collar yesterday. I have always admired Germany engineering and manufacturing (my family owned several Mercedes Benzs growing up) so I was not surprised when the fit and finish on this tripod collar lived up to my expectations. Thanks Andrea!

Mounting was a cinch and the collar allows rotation easily, even with the Grip/ Battery pack on the bottom. So for anyone looking for a tripod collar for their Panasonic 100-300 lens and have a GH4, it works. They said I was the first person to order the collar to be used with a GH4.. BTW, the RRS L Bracket for the GH3 works perfectly on the GH4. Took a chance because didn’t want to wait with a trip to Ireland coming up next week.

Here are some images of the collar and lens!

 Rotated without Grip

 Fits even with Grip (tight clearance but it works fine)

Rotated with Grip attached without any problem. The RRS L bracket is for the GH3 and works fine


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  1. davidferrone says:

    Hi Bill, check out i have been ytying to find a solution to using these collars with GH3/4’s with battery grips. Regards David

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