Drive by photography of the Smokies


Traveling along Little River Road on Monday and seeing just occasional color, I decided to get my camera out  and try some drive by photography..  Rebecca asked if I was really driving and shooting- well, it’s not called a stop and shoot..

I used a 28-70 at about 70mm with manual focus set at about Infinity. Aperture at f4.0 and shutter speed at 1/20. Rolled down both the front windows and did most of my shooting out the passenger window ( while paying attention to the road and traffic).

Sometimes I would try to pan with a specific tree and sometimes I just let the scenery go by.



The problem with doing drive by shooting while actually driving is that it is hard to review the images and make any adjustments.. It is easier to do this when someone else is driving ( isn’t it, Gabby and Cheryl!) but Rebecca was back on campus teaching and you do what you gotta do. I hope you enjoy!

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