Desert Southwest

I have traveled to Tucson for a Wilderness Medical Society meeting on Desert Medicine and decided to come a few days early to shoot and visit with my friend Jack Dykinga. I got in so late last night that I didn’t get out this morning until about 1 hour after sunrise into the Saguaro NP West. It is amazing to see all the Saguaro Cacti here. What is more amazing is their longevity. They grow slowly (about 50 years to reach 6 foot tall, it only took me 15 years).  They can live 150-200 years and are only found in the  southwestern Arizona and western Sonora, Mexican.

I am hoping to get out and do some light painting of these magnificent desert cacti along with some star trails and timelapse..

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  1. John Archer says:

    Nice Pic. Thanks for this. I took some pictures on my trip to the desert earlier this year. I put them in a video. Thought you might like to take a look:

  2. Paul Hassell says:

    Nice Bill!

    Best of luck tonight with the time-lapse/star trail work.

    Say hello to Jack for me.


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