Creative Photography Page 6: Multiple Exposure Rotate and Zoom


Expanding on what we learned with Multiple Exposure Rotate. You still need a lens with a tripod collar. Mount the lens to your tripod. Compose your image.


Technique: set ME to On: Autogain on; Number exposures 8. ( you notice that I use 8 images a lot, but you can use whatever number you want, be yourself!).

-Compose your image at the lower end of your zoom focal range (70-100mm on a 70-200 zoom).

-Loosen your tripod collar.

-Hold the zoom ring so it doesn’t move.

-Rotate the camera body (about 5-10 degrees each time) so the image zooms in.

-Shoot your exposure, repeat until you travel 45-90 degrees and have taken all your exposures.

-Review your results.. Refine to your liking.





This is great to use on flowers and fall color, at a farmers’ market, on stained glass. Just be yourself.

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