Creative Photography Page 5: Multiple Exposure Rotate


Today’s technique will expand your multiple exposure toolbox.. This one is rather simple but it does require a lens with a tripod collar. (Sometimes, I’ll show you one freehand shot with 16mm fisheye!)

To use this technique, find a subject you like ( bright colors and striking patterns work well). Compose your image.

Now, set your Multiple Exposure to On: Autogain, on; number of images 8.

Shoot, loosen the tripod collar, rotate 5 degrees, tighten tripod collar, shot again. Repeat process ( moving about 5-10 degrees each time) until all exposures taken. Evaluate resulting image on back of screen.. Refine.. It is that simple.

This technique is about patterns and colors, so feel free to play and express yourself.

These first 3 are all freehand shooting down into a fern (in Ireland) with a 16 mm Fisheye… I just wanted to see if I could do it and how it would turn out!

BMC-20130522-_D4A7097 BMC-20130522-_D4A7096 BMC-20130522-_D4A7095


This is using my 80-400 and the new collar from RRS! This time my yard and flowers..


More tomorrow on adding zoom to this technique!


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