Creative Photography Page 4: HDR Effects


While I was going through some of me images from Ireland, I came across image of a cross with an abbey in the background. I had shoot this as a 3 image HDR. When I was putting them together, I was playing with the different renderings and what to show how different each one could look, coming from the same 3 images. Photography is about art and the artistic vision of the photographer.

I used NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 for the HDR imaging procession.

The first image is fairly straight forward and looks like an unprocessed image. This the Balanced setting and I use this when I want the image to appear “normal”.



The second image uses the setting Soft Colors. This doesn’t always work well, but when it does, I like the effect. It still looks fairly normal.



The third image is what I was feeling when walking around the graveyard and feeling the hundreds of years of history floating around me like specters whispering in my ear. I used Pale and Structured setting for this one.



The fourth image I worked in NIK uses many of the sliders and also the selective controls to achieve the effect I wanted. This is a grainier, painting feeling like I think I would paint (if I could paint!). My brother and mother can paint well (even if neither one has down it in years) but I have resigned myself that my painting expression is with a camera and light ( and fun with).



The bottom line is that no image is just right. It depends on what your are feeling deep inside you when you capture the image and when your are creating at the computer. I encourage my participants in workshops and tours to go out into the place they want to photograph. Sit down. Close their eyes. Listen. Smell. Feel. Experience. Then go get your camera and start letting those feelings guide you. Some of my best photography has been when I have been taking pictures, then I lie down and listen and relax. After a while, I see things with a different light and energy.. Try it sometime, you might be surprised!

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    Great post Bill! When are you going to have some more workshops?

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