Creative Photography Page 3: Multiple Exposure Monet


Claude Monet had a way of expressing his subjects with a subtleness of brush stoke that still captivates me. Maybe that is why I have fallen in love with this photographic technique that allows me to capture a feeling of time or place with a subtleness of a Monet painting.. This is actually using the camera to paint an image rather than just capture an image. So this technique is called a Multiple Image Monet..

This will be expanding on the Multiple imaging techniques I went over in Creative Photography Page 2. Now, instead of 2 images, we will use more.. I typically use 8 images, but you can experiment with up to the maximum number for your own artistic vision.

Technique: Multiple Exposure On. AutoGain On. Number exposures 8.

Now, with the camera on a tripod, compose your image, take the first exposure, then move slightly downward and to right for your next image. This creates your “brushstroke”. The next movement is upward and to the right. Continue this linked “V” pattern of movement until you have shot all the images of the multiple exposure. Wait,… Check out the result on your screen. I usually leave the ball head loose and hold the camera/ lens with my hands during these movements.





You will find that small brush strokes work better, but refining your own method is what makes this your own expression. I have started playing with completely hand holding for some of these images and have gotten results I like ( not for large lenses or people with significant hand tremors!).


All these images are from Ireland. I will be having a tour to Ireland in 2014 in early September.. Check back soon as we are working out details now.
Will be co leading with Ron Rosenstock, who is the master of Ireland tours, IMHO..


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