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We all would like to be as creative as possible when taking images. Sometimes you just don’t feel the creative juices flowing and it seems that your images are bland. Any time I travel to a new place, it talks a day or 2 or 3 before the novelty of newness wears off and I can start thinking more creatively. It seems that when you travel somewhere new, the sites and sounds and smells overwhelm you and you end up taking images that are basic images, safe but maybe boring. After you assimilate to your new surroundings, then you can start channelling that energy into more creative expressions of where you are.
I experienced this on my most recent trip to Ireland. Never been there before, so new place, new time zone, new food, new language (Irish or Gaelic), and driving on the other side of the road. All this seems to overload me and my shooting starts out a bit routine. When we finally made it to Donegal, we road around with Rebecca’s aunt to lives there. I got to ride instead of drive and it seemed a huge burden was lifted. While we were driving to several areas, I had my camera in lap and started doing something I really like to do, but can’t do when I am driving. That is what I call “Drive By Shootings“.

I usually use a 28-70mm lens as this seems to be an ideal focal length (I tend to shoot 50-70 mm) and then I experiment with shutter speeds. I usually shoot at objects far enough away that using infinity focus works, so I put the focus on manual and set it close to infinity and just use the zoom ring to compose. I like the images I get between 1/15 second to 1/3 second. Sometimes I move the camera to lock on the subject, sometimes I move my camera in the direction of flow of the car and sometimes I move it the opposite direction. And with digital, you can see the results and change shutter speeds of technique until you refine the creative look you want. I decided that I like doing this so much, that next time I go somewhere as scenic as Ireland, I will get someone to drive so I can experience the landscape with my eyes and my drive by shooting with having to concentrate on keeping the car between the stone walls. These are just a few examples of a morning’s shoot from the passenger side of the car.






So get out there and start exploring your own creativity.. Just don’t do this while your driving!

Oh, the Page 1 means I plan to share more creative tips over the next week or so.. All with images from Ireland.




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