Creative ideas for fall color

While you are out shooting fall color this year, think about stretching yourself creatively. I have covered shooting HDR in previous blog (pointer back to HDR). This will be a jumpstart to other creative methods that I used last year during the fall and am continuing to play with these techniques.

1. Multiple Exposure Monet- This is simple technique that requires a multiple exposure mode on your camera. I set my exposure in Multiple exposures to 6-8 images and the Auto Gain to ON (this is on the Nikon). Then I set my drive to Single Shot and move the image slightly in between each capture. The trick is moving very slightly. I also follow a pattern of up- down-up- down as I move from side to side. I found that it worked best with my 70-200 zoom lens.


2. Slow Exposure Zoom – This technique requires a shutter speed of ½ second or longer, so remember to take your polarizer or your Vari ND filter to slow down those shutter speeds during daylight. The process is to focus on your subject, then trip the shutter while zooming in or zooming out. Holding the image for just a bit before starting or zooming out then holding the image will create different effects. Review your capture and speed up or slow down your zoom and decide which is best for the composition, zooming in or zooming out. This is another fun one that I will be combining with some other techniques this fall for dramatic effect.

3. Slow Exposure Rotate and Zoom – Once you’ve mastered the fun of the Slow Exposure Zoom, let’s add a twist. Literally. With a zoom lens (again I like my 70-200 because of tripod collar), hold the zoom ring steady and move the camera body to zoom the image while the image is also rotating. Again, shutter speed around 1 second helps.


4. Multiple Exposure Rotate and Zoom – This combines the fun of the Slow Exposure Rotate and Zoom with the Multiple Exposure Monet. Follow the instructions for rotating and zooming (compose, focus, hold zoom ring, move camera body in a rotational direction and the lens will zoom) and add the component of multiple exposures to this. You will use a faster shutter speed and set your Multiple Exposures to 6-10 and Auto Gain. Rotate slightly while holding the zoom ring and shoot a single exposure, then rotate again to a new position for the next image of the multiple exposure. Another way to do this is set your camera on Continuous Drive High and just shoot as you rotate.


So this fall while you are ohhing and ahhing over the beautiful color, remember to add some of your own creativity to the images of nature you capture..

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