Challenge Yourself


How often do we schlep a heavy pack of gear around into the woods and then complain about not getting the image that we want? Sometimes having a lot of gear is a hindrance, not a help, when it comes to creating great images. Why? Because image creation doesn’t come from the equipment but from the talent behind the equipment.

Here’s a story that relates:

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer is invited to a dinner party. He arrives and the hostess has gone all out to prepare a great feast. During polite dinner conversation, the hostess compliments the photographer by saying, “Your images are beautiful, you must have some really great camera gear!”. The photographer doesn’t reply, but continues with polite conversation around the table. As the meal finishes, the photographer compliments the hostess- “That was a fabulous meal! You must have some really great pots in the kitchen.”



So, it is not about the gear, but what you can do with the gear you have. We all have seen some great images from the iPhone. Sure, it can’t do everything a big ole dSLR can, but it can do a lot! My friend Rob Sheppard has embraced small. The mirror less 4/3 camera is great. And his pack is much lighter than mine. When airlines are starting to weigh your carryon, it is something to think about.



So, the challenge for this weekend is to go out with your iPhone (or equivalent) or just one lens on your regular camera and see what you can do. Challenge yourself to make it work. And try something else when you go out.. Before you start up your camera, sit down where you are interested in photographing and first close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you. Smell the fresh air and the fragrant scents of Mother Nature. Feel the grass, pick up a river pebble and feel the smooth contours. Then open your eyes and look around you for a bit, not with the thought of what would make a great image, but with fascination about how and why all this beauty is around us! Then you will be in a great frame of mind to “see” the great image you want to capture.

I challenge everyone to share their image from doing this underneath my Facebook post. Let’s make great images!

BTW, all these images are from Ireland May 2013 shot with my iPhone 5!


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  1. Barbara O'Connor says:

    Love it–I will laugh all week-on my way to Vermont with my sister and her husband to see her oldest friend–my baby sister has early onset alheimers-will write you when I get home-not sure I can come to the Smokies this fall

  2. Karen Figy says:

    This is fun! Thanks for the grins to start my day off!

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