Videography techniques

Time-lapse setup

Ok. Set up for Time-lapse On a tripod. Full Battery Check storage (enough space for required images 300 or so) Manual ISO (set as low as possible) Disable Autofocus and IS Disable Dynamic contrast adjustments (D Lighting on Nikon)  Manual exposure (or Aperture if light changing a lot) Aperture Wide open if possible Shutter Speed […]

Time Lapse and Flicker


Table Rock Fire Click on Link to see the Time Lapse Video So some of you have seen my Time Lapse videos. My friend Gabby Salazar had some questions about Flicker and how to reduce it, so I thought I would share this info with you. Tomorrow I will put up a Setup checklist for shooting […]

Timelapse and Nature


FOR BEST VIDEO, Wait a couple of seconds to allow download to start before pushing play! With photography we are limited to a slice of life equal to the shutter speed. Anywhere from 1/8000 of a second ( even shorter if you are using high speed flash) to maybe several hours (think star trail images) […]