Photography as Art

Your own Vision


  Had a great birthday yesterday.. Finally got around to processing images from our kayaking trip to GA, which included Cumberland Island. That day I took only my Nikon Coolpix 100 AW which is a waterproof UW point and shoot.. I was able to take some images to put together as a pan and they […]

Building Blocks of Photography Composition: special lines


From Ireland Lets talk about special lines.. Why are the special? Unlike diagonal lines which you can create by perspective, these lines are found in nature. They are the C shaped curve and the S shaped curve. We will talk about how to take advantage of them. A C shaped curve can be a trail […]

Building Blocks of Photography Composition: more lines


  Ok, yesterday was about horizontal lines. In nature, not as easy to find, but you have to consider whether your horizontal line is level or not and why. To me vertical lines and diagonal lines are more inviting and easier to find in nature.   First, vertical lines. Very powerful. Pointing up into the […]

Building blocks of photographic composition – Horizontal Line


Line Shape Space Color Form Texture Light   Many lists forget light on the list of building blocks. But photography (photo=light and graphia= paint) actually is painting with light. Without light of some kind (and a way to capture it) there would be no photography. Keep this in mind! Today. Line.. But what kind of […]