Building Blocks of Photography Composition: special lines

BMC_20130524_D4A8120From Ireland

Lets talk about special lines.. Why are the special? Unlike diagonal lines which you can create by perspective, these lines are found in nature. They are the C shaped curve and the S shaped curve. We will talk about how to take advantage of them.

A C shaped curve can be a trail that bends around the corner. Thinking about it as a leading element, leading your viewer’s eye through the frame.

BMC_20121009_DSC2938_HDRSmokies from Clingmans Dome


BMC_20130525_D4A8336_HDRIreland, Overlooking Donegal Bay 

An S shaped curve can be sinuous or sensuous. Land forms are a great place to find s shaped curves. Think about placement of the beginning of the curve. Most often, starting toward a corner and leading through the frame will be most pleasing, but look at all options and shoot the one that strikes you the most.


BMC-20130522-_D4A6787Ireland West Coast

BMC_060913_000006Coyote Buttes

Your turn. Explore! Find C shaped and S shaped curves. Share them with us at Bill Campbell Photo Workshops Facebook Group page.. Keep shooting and have fun!

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