Building blocks of photographic composition – Horizontal Line










Many lists forget light on the list of building blocks. But photography (photo=light and graphia= paint) actually is painting with light. Without light of some kind (and a way to capture it) there would be no photography. Keep this in mind!

Today. Line.. But what kind of line? Today is horizontal lines. Think horizon.

Horizontal lines can be very grounding. Sky without a horizon seems out of place. Imagine a thunderstorm with a stroke of lightning. Now imagine the same image with the horizon of sea or desert. Horizons can help with perspective.

Many of us use a Bubble Level in the hot shoe of our camera to keep things level. Now, many cameras have a built-in electronic level. I use both, depending.

 Rule: oceans as horizons shouldn’t tilt! Have you ever seen the ocean tilt? But rules may be broken, just ask yourself “why”? Maybe your ocean is tilting because of the storm your are experiencing on the deck of a boat!


Your assignment. Explore horizontal lines. Show us your lines. Go to Bill Campbell Photography Workshops Facebook Group and post your images. Remember from Yesterday Involve me and I Learn!


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