Bill’s Antarctic Chronicles: Preparation – Administrative



My trip to the Antarctic Peninsula was one of my “Rocker List” items.. Not my bucket list because I don’t plan on kicking the bucket any time soon.. A “Rocker List” is a list of things to do and places to go before all travel is confined to sway of a rocker and adventures are just memories to be savored.

Our trip was two fold.. Visit the Antarctic Peninsula and participate in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine’s Expedition Medicine course aboard ship. My friend Katrine, another like minded Wilderness Medicine physician, had found this trip and suggested we go.. Katrine is an adventuresome Norwegian who is now practicing Anesthesiology in Australia.. Seems that she much prefers warmer climates to snow covered landscape.

My friend Katrine on a sea ice walk!

My friend Katrine on a sea ice walk!

We booked the trip in March and started preparing for the trip of a lifetime. For many it is a trip of the lifetime and an adventure they will never repeat. For me it is just another great adventure to add to the list.. But monumental nonetheless. After receiving conformation and further instructions, I started gathering advice from other photographer friends who have gone and lead trips to Antarctica.

I will break down my preparation tips since they are rather extensive (especially with comments!) This will be a series of multiple entries that I may turn into an electronic book for fun!

Administrative Preparation:

–       Check Passport

–       Get flights (I could have booked through Linblad who runs the Expeditions for the National Geographic Explorer ship but I prefer Delta).

–       Pay Argentina entrance fee (Applicable to US citizens, Katrine didn’t have to pay as she is Norwegian).

Passport stamp for Port Lockroy!

Passport stamp for Port Lockroy!

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