Antarctica Chronicles: Camera Preparation


Since I have started traveling with a Panasonic system (GH4), my camera equipment weight has been drastically reduced without reducing the quality of images that I capture! My system below (with Laptop and IPad) weighed in at 16.5 pounds because I was given the communication that the chartered flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia was limited to one 17 pound carryon.. The 17 pounds was true as several of the photographers in the group had to check or manipulate the system (ie, hide their camera bag). But I could have had my computer bag and split the weight up some more.


You see that I carried extra cards and extra batteries and duplicates of battery chargers and card readers. I didn’t use my big tripod but did use the Gorilla Pod that I have. The GoPro works fine for UW capture, if you leave it in the housing! My iPhone with a waterproof LifeProof case also works UW, but only down to a couple of feet.. But I never stuck my phone in the water as I usually just hold it in my hand and with a water temperature of about 29 degrees F, my hand said NO WAY..
I took hand warmers but never used them for myself or my camera equipment. But my cold natured friend used them anytime we went ashore!
I carried my equipment in my Guru Gear Uinta backpack but when I went onshore, I just took 1 camera body and 2-3 lenses in a ThinkTank SpeedRacer V2.0 shoulder bag, which worked fantastic. And the waterproof cover was all I needed to keep the bag dry.. And the cover WAS needed!


  • Camera body x2 (always carry a backup on a trip like this) Panasonic GH4
  • 8mm Fisheye
  • 7-14mm
  • 14-35mm
  • 35-100mm
  • 100-300mm
  • Circ Pol and Vari ND Filters
  • extra batteries and 2 battery chargers
  • extra Cards
  • GoPro Hero4 Black x 2
  • Visible Dust Loupe and Eyelead Cleaner
  • Lens cleaner and lens clothes
  • Laptop with multiple HD backups
  • Card readers (multiple as always need a backup)
  • I didn’t use tripod but I did use clamp and GorillaPod for GoPros.
  • Underwater housing or UW camera and way to stick it UW.

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